Easy Fit Saddles

Easy Fit Saddles design and produce a revolutionary new saddle constructed for the discriminating rider. If you are looking for the inexpensive, straight off-the-shelf saddle, Easy Fit Saddles are not for you. We cater to riders who want a saddle that truly fits their horse, with adjustability features to keep it fitting or to fit their other horses which are within a similar size range. We also cater to riders who want a saddle that truly fits them, not some saddle maker’s concept of what “should” fit.

We measure your horses, then custom build a tree to fit its back type. Our saddles incorporate built-in bar shim pads to keep them fitting as your horse cycle thru age and condition cycles. Our lightweight trees are made of a glass infused polymer, with a tuned  fiber frame that incorporates an adjustable cable girthing system.

Our adjustable seat can receive a variety inserts to not only fit both female and male riders, but also position them in the saddle. Our adjustable stirrup position system allows the rider to achieve a properly balanced riding posture. The cable rigging and single strap stirrup system combine to minimize all the bulk under your leg.Easy fit saddles full rigged saddle comes in at an average of just 20 pounds.